Interview with Temple Grandin on the New HBO Biopic Based on Her Life

Temple Grandin III A new interview with autistic cattle expert Temple Grandin, the subject of a new biopic on HBO, reveals her own reactions while on the set of the movie.  “I was very involved in the cattle parts of the movie to make sure that was all accurate,” Grandin said. “They bought 32 head of nice Angus feeder calves for the movie. They bought really nice Angus heifers. They had a guy train them so they wouldn’t freak out on the set.”  She observed people working on the set and speculated that many of them probably had Aspergers syndrome. “Down on the movie site there were plenty of Asperger’s doing special effects and stuff like that. That’s where your Asperger types end up,” she said. “Geeks, nerds and Asperger’s, same thing. People on the high end of the spectrum tend to be specialist thinkers. Good in one subject at school, terrible at something else. You wouldn’t even have a phone to talk on if you didn’t have geeks and nerds. They’re socially awkward and are more interested in things.”  The HBO movie premieres on February 6.

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  1. This movie is absolutely Great! It is an “open Door” to helping understand the differences in all of us. I can’t tell you what a blessing it is to me. I real eye opener on the gifts people have that we are unable to recongnize. Thank goodness for a Mother’s love.
    Just and amazing movie! Thanks to Temple, her mom, and HBO!

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