The Canadian Press: TV movie ‘Temple Grandin’ traces passion, perseverance of autistic genius

Claire danes temple grandin TV movie 'Temple Grandin' traces passion, perseverance of autistic genius

TORONTO — When actress Catherine O'Hara came face-to-face with the remarkable woman whose life story is told in the made-for-TV movie, "Temple Grandin," she says she was overcome with a desire to hug the brilliant scientist.

Trouble is, she knew that Grandin's autism meant she had an intense aversion to being touched.

"When you hear her story, you really do, you just want to hug this woman," the gregarious O'Hara exclaims during a recent stop in Toronto to promote the film.

"Just because she's amazing and you want to be as near to her as you can be."

Her recent meeting with the renowned scientist is top-of-mind as she discusses her latest film, "Temple Grandin," airing Saturday on HBO Canada.


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