Interview with Neurodiversity Advocate in Wired Online

There’s a very good interview with neurodiversity advocate Ari Ne’eman on the website of Wired magazine.  He discusses the importance of helping autistic individuals and others with mental and neurological disabilities live better lives – lives of quality – free of discrimination, stereotypes, limited access to tools of living, and other limiting factors.  This is a much better focus, in his opinion, than trying to find a cure for autism or trying to make autistic individuals behave more like “normal” people.  I applaud Ne’eman’s agenda, and am glad that he’s a member of the National Council on Disability.  I only hope that he will be inclusive in his approach, and look at not only people with autism, but those with other labels including ADHD, dyslexia, schizophrenia, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, and intellectual disabilities.  Most of what Ne’eman says about autism is applicable to these other disabilities as well.

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