IMG_2045On August 19, 2013, I did a full-day workshop for the staff at the Wisconsin International School (WIS) in Green Bay, Wisconsin (photo to left).  Also attending were staff from St. Peter the Fisherman Catholic School in Two Rivers, Wisconsin (photo below).   Both schools are International Baccalaureate schools, a prestigious international accreditation focused on helping students ”develop the intellectual, personal, emotional and social skills to live, learn and work in a rapidly globalizing world.”  The title of the workshop was “Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom.”  MI Theory has been one of the premier learning approaches that has influenced new directions in International Baccalaureate education (read interview with Howard Gardner, the originator of MI Theory, in IB World magazine). .

IMG_2047The workshop included an experiential exploration of the 8 1/2 intelligences (Gardner considers the ”existential” intelligence, or what I like to call ”life smart” as a borderline candidate for an intelligence because it doesn’t meet all his criteria for what constitutes an intelligence).  Staff also identified their own intelligences, learned tips for introducing and identifying intelligences in their students, and developed their ability to create MI strategies for a wide range of behavioral, academic, cognitive, content-related, and theme-based objectives.  In the afternoon, grade level groups shared their brainstorming ideas, focusing on objectives such as ”curiosity” ”family” and ”math facts.”

For those who attended this workshop and would like a fresh set of handouts (as well as for others reading this blog post who are interested), here are the handouts for the presentation, available on Slide Share.

I’d like to thank WIS Head of School Mary Vanden Busch for inviting me to present ”Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom” to her staff, and thanks also to Principal Karolyn Efferson for bringing her staff from St. Peter the Fisherman (just starting their first year as an International Baccalaureate school!) to spend the day together with the WIS staff (see the article she wrote for the Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter).   All best wishes to both schools for a wonderful school year filled with curiosity, creativity, imagination, and wonderful learning!

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