wsjThe October 8, 2013 online edition of the Wall Street Journal included an article entitled ”Training Program Helps Students With Autism Land Jobs” by Carolyn Geer.   In the article, Ms. Geer examines how training programs for students identified as autistic are now starting to focus on their strengths, and are matching strengths to workplace needs rather than focusing on weaknesses and then trying to teach them what they can’t yet do.  When this strength-based approach is used, employment rates skyrocket according to a recent study at Virginia Commonwealth University, where 87% of their training graduates obtained employment compared to only 6% for a control group.

As part of the article, there was a sidebar entitled “Playing to Their Strengths” that included the key components for positive niche construction highlighted in my book Neurodiversity in the Classroom, including:  identifying strengths, using technology, providing positive role models, enlisting a team of professionals and peers to support learning, building lessons around students’ preferred learning styles.

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