Portland, Maine - Regency HotelOn April 4, 2014, I’ll be doing a full-day workshop for Transdisciplinary Workshops at the Regency Hotel, in Portland, Maine.  Here is a description of the workshop:

The Power of Neurodiversity:  Unleashing the Advantages of Your Differently Wired Brain (and Your Children and Students’ Brains Too!) 

Neurodiversity is a revolutionary new concept that suggests we look at exceptional individuals in terms of their diversities rather than their disabilities.  In this workshop, you will learn to reframe the way you think about yourself, your children, and your students when it comes to labels such as learning disabled, ADHD, autistic, developmentally disabled, and socially and/or emotionally disordered.   

Dr. Armstrong will share current research on the strengths of people with the above labels to counteract the tendency that currently exists in education, psychology, and psychiatry to focus on weaknesses in those with mental health labels.  

  • Did you know, for example, that people with autism are better than average at perceiving small details, understanding how systems work, and having strong interests in a wide variety of topics?
  • Did you know that people with ADHD are attracted to novelty, do better out in nature, and need to learn by moving?
  • Did you know that people with dyslexia make excellent entrepreneurs, can visualize in three-dimensions, and are able to think ‘’outside the box’’? 

After presenting five basic principles of neurodiversity, Dr. Armstrong will devote most of the workshop to seven practical tools that can be used to help neurodiverse individuals—yourself, your kids, and/or your students—become more successful in school, work, and life.  These strategies include:   

  • Becoming aware of your strengths
  • Using positive role models to inspire a desire to meet challenges head-on
  • Employing assistive technologies and Universal Design for Learning methodologies to overcome obstacles
  • Creating enhanced social networks that support and help you, your children, and/or your students become all that they are capable of being
  • Developing positive environmental modifications that can make it easier to think, learn, and perform at home and/or at school
  • Utilizing strength-based learning strategies to solve problems, develop skills, and create projects.
  • Nurturing affirmative career aspirations that match the strengths of an individual with jobs that are out there in the marketplace     

The workshop will use a wide range of learning methods, including lecture, Power Point slides, experiential activities, peer sharing, small and large group discussion, and strengths assessment.  Participants will fill out a 165-item Neurodiversity Strengths Inventory to identify strengths in themselves, their children, and/or their students, and learn how to use those strengths to create positive niches within which they can flourish.  Participants will leave this workshop with a new and more hopeful attitude toward individuals who are ‘’differently wired’’ and a new set of tools for helping neurodiverse people achieve success in school and life

Here is information about the workshop.  To sign up for the workshop, click here.

CEUs: This workshop has been approved for 6 CEs for Maine Psychologists and .6 Continuing Education Credits from University of Maine.
Application has been made for certification by Commonwealth Education Seminars Continuing Education Credit Provider Program for the professional continuing education of Social Workers, Nurses, and Licensed Mental Health Counselors.  Application has been made for APA approval for psychologists as well.
Date: Apr 04, 2014
Start Time: 8:30 AM
End Time: 3:30 PM
Speaker(s): Thomas Armstrong, Ph.D.
Location: Regency Hotel – Portland, Maine
Early Tuition Due Date: Mar 04, 2014
Early Tuition: $165
Late Tuition: $180
Luncheon: Continental breakfast and snacks will be provided.  Lunch is on your own from 12:00 – 1:00.  There are many restaurants within walking distance.
Intended Audience: This workshop is of interest to educators, mental health professionals, psychologists, parents and administrators
Audience Capacity: 100
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I am the author of 16 books including my latest: The Myth of the ADHD Child: 101 Ways to Improve Your Child's Behavior and Attention Span Without Drugs, Labels, or Coercion (Tarcher-Perigee). http://amzn.to/2ewwfbp.

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