243Last week I returned from doing a two-day workshop on multiple intelligences in Abu-Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.  The training, made in cooperation with Medex International, was attended by fifty men and women from all walks of life, primarily from the Abu-Dhabi area,  who wanted to know about Howard Gardner’s theory and how to apply it to learning, the workplace, leisure time, training, and consulting.

The workshop was located at the Armed Forces Officers Club and Hotel in Abu-Dhabi, which is a huge complex, one wing of which is dedicated to the UAE armed forces (and, I think, military from other countries as well), while the other wing is for tourists, businesspeople, and visitors from all over the world.

One of the highlights of my trip was going next door to visit The Sheikh Zayed Mosque, the eight largest mosque in the world.  My translator, Mostapha Kamel along with a guide from the mosque, dressed me up in a white Kandora and headdress (see photo), and led me through the mosque complex, where I visited the huge inner prayer room (accommodating up to 40,000 people), Sheikh Zayed’s burial site, the ablusions room where there is ritual washing before prayer, and around the entire outer complex.  It was an amazing experience!

I’m returning to Abu-Dhabi in April and May to conduct four consecutive weekend (Friday and Saturday) workshops at the same hotel.  Then I’ll travel to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, for another two-day training on multiple intelligences and a one-day training entitled “The Road to Genius.”  I feel blessed to be able to visit and learn about a part of the world that so many in the United States talk about, and so few really understand!

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