Somerset Pines CharterYesterday, I had the pleasure of working with the teachers and parents of Somerset Pines Charter School, in Pompano Beach, Florida.  Somerset Pines Charter is just beginning to integrate multiple intelligences into all the other wonderful things they’re doing for kids at their school.  I did a five-hour workshop for about thirty teachers of K-8 students on MI theory.  Teachers experienced the eight kinds of smart, looked at the scientific evidence for the theory, did an inventory to self-assess their own intelligences, and explored tips for introducing MI theory to their students and tools for identifying the intelligences in each student. Then we spent the rest of the workshop looking at how to use MI theory to generate learning strategies that span the eight kinds of smart (word smart, logic smart, picture smart, music smart, body smart, nature smart, people smart, and self smart). At the end of the workshop, teachers generated their own learning strategies around specific objectives that they chose and did brief presentations on everything from the life cycle of caterpillars and safety in the chemistry lab, to the parts of speech and multiplication.  For anyone who would like handouts for this teacher workshop, click here.

After the teacher workshop, I did a 45-minute talk to parents who were coming to Somerset Pines Chart that evening for a parent-teacher fair and orientation to the new school year.  I shared the eight kinds of smart with them, taught them a physics concept (Boyle’s law) using all eight intelligences, then shared how MI theory could be used in reading Dr. Seuss’s The Sleep Book.  At the end of the talk there were over a hundred parents attending.   For anyone who would like handouts for the parent talk, click here. They include inventories that parents can fill out to learn more about their children’s eight kinds of smart.

I want to thank Donna Kaye, Ed.D., the principal of Somerset Pines Charter, for inviting me to fly from California to Florida to share strategies and concepts based on Howard Gardner’s ideas for the best ways to educate kids.  I really felt the energy and enthusiasm of both the teachers and the parents, and you know, when you have that kind of combination, the children are always the winners!  Have a terrific school year, everyone!

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