August 20, 2014 - Doctors and Me at FairmontOn August 20th, I conducted a workshop at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco on the topic of multiple intelligences for pediatricians from the Philippines that were being hosted by Wyeth Nutrition. We had experiences of the eight kinds of smart in Howard Gardner’s model, looked at key areas of the brain that, when damaged, can impair aspects of each intelligence, and then focused attention on the practical implications of multiple intelligences theory for pediatricians and other health care professionals.  Some of these practical applications included:  counseling parents on their children’s gifts, helping parents with learning issues, and understanding better the needs of children with special needs.  I am including a copy of the handouts for that session in this post .  If you would like to view or download the handouts, please click here.

After the workshop, I joined the pediatricians in a bus tour of San Francisco.  We traveled over the Golden Gate Bridge to have lunch at Salito’s in Sausalito (I had a wonderful cioppino!), and then finished off with a trolley car ride up California St. I very much enjoyed speaking with the pediatricians about their work and enjoying sharing the wonders of San Francisco with them!

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