americanflagsThe election of Donald Trump as president of the United States has left many people upset, confused, angry, and powerless.  A good way to defuse these feelings is by becoming proactive, particularly in those areas where Trump is likely to promote destructive legislation, formulate dangerous foreign policies, modify cultural discourse, or ignite irrational elements within the U.S. public.  Here are 10 ways you can fight back:

  1. Become fluent in Spanish and visualize a bilingual America (a good online way to learn is Duo Lingo);
  2. Redouble your efforts to promote ecologically sensible practices in your home and community (click here for a list of 25 environmental agencies and organizations);
  3. Raise a huge public stink if you are witness to any discourse that seeks to denigrate people of color, individuals from other cultures, or people of diverse gender identities, sexual preferences, or disabilities (a good resource for support and advocacy of toleration, and strategies for confronting bigotry is The Southern Poverty Law Center)
  4. Support your school’s anti-bullying program (and if there isn’t one, start one – go to No Bully);
  5. Begin supporting Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren as the 2020 Democratic candidate for U.S. President (friend the Elizabeth Warren for President Facebook page).
  6. Withdraw your support of network television and other news outlets that put sensationalism over responsible journalism (note: the three major networks gave three times as much airtime to Hillary’s email issues as they did to all of the major domestic and foreign policy issues of the campaign combined), and support news outlets that are committed to thorough and responsible news coverage (one international suggestion:  the Guardian).
  7. Support efforts to stop nuclear proliferation and abolish nuclear weapons worldwide (a list of anti-nuclear organizations is provided in Wikipedia);
  8. Fight any effort to inhibit the exercise of America’s first amendment right of free speech (support the American Civil Liberties Union);
  9. Write your representatives at Congress saying that you will not support them in the next general election if they do any of the following (click here to find your local representative and senators):
    1. vote to repeal ObamaCare
    2. support pro-life Supreme Court nominees
    3. cancel federal funding to sanctuary cities
    4. vote for anti-immigration policies
    5. support routine vetting of individuals coming from the Middle East
    6. vote for cutting off funding or support for climate change efforts worldwide; or
    7. support measures that will serve to harm our environment in any way;
  10. Support efforts to eliminate standardized testing, textbook-driven learning, and other one-size-fits-all forms of education, and promote critical thinking, creativity, social justice, innovation, civics, history, and political science in our nation’s schools so that our next generation of citizens will be less likely to become emotionally reactive to sensationalist journalism in subsequent U.S. elections, and more apt to think rationally and clearly understand all points of view (one excellent resource is the journal Rethinking Schools).

These suggestions are just a start, but they provide a foundation upon which we can affirm that our nation is a land dedicated to tolerance, freedom of speech, cooperation with our international allies, the rights of minorities, equality and respect
for women, multi-culturalism, nuclear nonproliferation, progressive schools, healthcare for all, a green economy, and the rights of human beings to live in dignity, prosperity, and peace.

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