The Power of the Adolescent Brain

The Power of the Adolescent Brain: Strategies for Teaching Middle and High School Students


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Students at the secondary school level are often considered to be the most challenging group to teach. However, in this book Dr. Armstrong describes how the last fifteen years of research in the adolescent brain can revolutionize our understanding of how to reach and teach kids during this turbulant stage of their lives. Using brain scan studies and other scientific data as a guide, this book describes eight fundamental interventions that should be part of every secondary school curriculum including affective education, peer learning connections, metacognition, opportunities to choose, expressive arts, self-awareness activities, learning through the body, and real life experiences. For each of these interventions, Dr. Armstrong describes several specific strategies and illustrates them with examples from schools and school districts around the world. He also provides a series of lesson plans at the end of the book to illustrate how these interventions can be immediately put into action in such curriculum areas as literature (Romeo and Juliet), science (genetics), history (the Vietnam war), mathematics (interpreting statistics), and prevention. programs (tobacco prevention).  Filled with practical advice and sound science, this book should become an essential guide for any middle school or high school teacher or administrator who wishes to base their instruction around ”adolescent brain friendly” practices.  Publisher:  ASCD.  ISBN 978-1-4166-2187-4.