Multiple Intelligences
I’ve just returned from the Philippines where I spoke at an early childhood education conference (“SuperKids 2012”)  held in Manila, September 14-15, 2012, and sponsored by Potencia Inc., PrimeTrade Asia Inc, and Wyeth Philippines Inc.  I did two 2 1/2 hour presentations.  The first was entitled “Exemplars of Best Schools (Preschool through High School).”  It focused...
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Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences (MI theory) has revolutionized the field of education.  But it also has important implications for developmental psychology.  Gardner’s theory says that there are at least eight different intelligences:  linguistic (word smart), logical-mathematical (numbers and reasoning smart), spatial (picture smart), musical (music smart), bodily-kinesthetic (body smart)), interpersonal (people smart), intrapersonal...
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I’ve just received word from my publicist at Free Spirit Publishing that the Czech translation of my book, “You’re Smarter than You Think:  A Kids’ Guide to Multiple Intelligences” been awarded a Golden Ribbon Book Award 2011 in the category for nonfiction literature translation.  Golden Ribbon Book Awards are awarded by the Writers’ Association, Illustrators’...
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