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  1. Sandra Shoro

    Just started reading Thinking in Pictures and am looking forward to watching the movie on HBO. Ms. Grandin’s emphasis on the need to use the strengths and interests of students is the essential ingredient in engaging students.

  2. David Baker

    Timple Grandin takes Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences to an entriely new level and demonstrates how narrow our societal thinking really is in terms of “smart” versus “dumb” people.

  3. Doreen Leinen

    That’s really interesting..I would like to see the HBO movie. The concept of thinking in pictures not only pertains to people with autism but also those with dyslexia as well. My school is a Davis Learning Strategies school where we work with different strategies for those students who may be Non-verbal thinkers (picture thinkers).

  4. Sandi

    I have seen Temple live at a conference in NY last year. I shared this video with a couple of teachers and a Director of Special Education. They thought it was a great presentation and agreed with Temple and myself that the courses that use manipulative are going away due to monetary constraints in districts. Thank goodness my district still has Autoshop, WoodShop, Robotics, Digital Photography and many different type of Art classes. And yes I agree with Walter’s comment, all educators should view this video.

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