sprint1Sprint announced last week that it is launching a bundle of Android applications that are designed to provide neurodiverse individuals with access to tools that help them to better manage their lives.   The bundle includes 25 separate applications including an alternative augmentative communication app, a portal to thousands of audible books, reading and math skills programs, and much more.  The fact that Sprint has chosen to use the word “neurodiversity” in their description of the bundle is good indication that neurodiversity is approaching mainstream acceptance in the culture.  Ironically, it seems that the corporate sector is far ahead of the schools in embracing this more strength-based paradigm since only a few special educators have begun integrating a neurodiversity perspective into their practice.  Let’s hope that this announcement by Sprint will encourage more educators to take neurodiversity seriously, and that they will begin using the Neurodiversity ID Pack and other strategies to help students succeed based not on what they CAN’T do, but rather on what they CAN do!

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