Human Intelligence HuntYesterday, I had the pleasure of working with over a hundred teachers of the West Sonoma County Union High School District, who were gathered together at the library of El Molino High School in Forestville, California, for their back-to-school kick-off to start the year (the photo on the left shows the teachers engaged in a Human Intelligence Hunt; an activity that they can use with their students).  We spent the morning exploring Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences, covering areas such as how to introduce the 8 kinds of smart to students (my personal recommendation for the most important application of the model), tips for identifying the intelligences, and most important, a mind-mapping tool for taking anything a teacher might wish to teach, and strategizing at least 8 ways of teaching it using words, logic, pictures, music, the body, nature, social interaction, or self reflection to master the topic. The teachers did large and group brainstorming on topics including planting corn, substance abuse, and the law of supply and demand in economics.  I told the group that I would be posting the handouts for the session on Slide Share.  These handouts include an inventory that high school students can fill out to help determine what their MI profile is as far as the 8 intelligences in Gardner’s model.  If you’re interested in obtaining these slides, click here.  I want to thank Keller MacDonald, the superintendent of WSCUHSD, for inviting me to present these ideas to his staff.  I wish everyone in the district a terrific school year!

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