nuclear-explosion-facebookI am writing you today with an urgent message.  The United States has not faced a more critical moment in its history since World War II as American citizens are being asked to choose between two candidates in Tuesday’s election.  There are many things that can be said on each side about the two major candidates.  However, there is one critical matter that I wish to bring to your attention and that is the question of which candidate is more likely to keep the world safe from nuclear war.  In my estimation there is no debate here:  Hillary Clinton is the candidate you must choose.  The rival candidate, Donald Trump has no previous experience in foreign policy, has displayed erratic and unpredictable behavior, has indicated little to no understanding of the idea of nuclear weapons as a deterrent (indicating at one point that there is little point in having nuclear weapons if one doesn’t intend to use them), and has projected an aggressive attitude toward other powers on the world stage including China.  Each of these traits marks Trump out as the candidate most likely to put the world at risk of a nuclear conflict over the next four years.

So, you need to ask yourself, regardless of how you feel about any of the other political issues at stake in this election, do you want to vote for a candidate who will be more likely to place the world at risk of a nuclear conflict?  Do you trust a man with an unstable personality with the nuclear codes that can be used in launching an attack?  I hope you will say no by supporting Hillary Clinton, a distinguished stateswoman who understands the stakes involved, who stood by President Bill Clinton for eight years as he faced and dealt with complex international political issues, who has led the U.S. State Department and knows the inner workings of American foreign and nuclear policy and the responsible management of American deterrents to nuclear conflict.  It is Donald Trump who will put the world at risk of World War III!

I am afraid for our children.  This is why I am making an exception here and sending out this message to contacts and through social media channels that I normally reserve for my views on children, learning, and human development.  If Donald Trump is elected next week our children will be less safe, their lives more at risk.  If Americans elect Trump, our children will be less likely to have the option of growing up in a safe world or even of growing up at all.

With just four days left to the election, I urge you to do the following things to help support our children’s future growth and development:

  1. Donate money to Hillary Clinton’s campaign at
  2. Volunteer to help get out the vote for Hillary Clinton at
  3. Call your friends in key battleground states (Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina, Virginia, Colorado, Ohio, Wisconsin) and tell them to vote for Hillary, to get their friends to vote for Hillary, and to convince undecided voters in their state to vote for Hillary
  4. Make sure that you vote on Tuesday for Hillary Clinton in your home state. For those who live in other countries, please email your American friends and remind them to vote on Tuesday for Hillary.

The stakes have never been higher, not only for our own nation, but for the safety and stability of the entire world.  Don’t put Donald Trump, an unstable and aggressive candidate with no previous foreign policy experience, in charge of America’s nuclear codes.  Instead, vote for Hillary Clinton, who will meet foreign policy conflicts with determination, wisdom, and caution.  Do this for our children and for our children’s children!  Thank you!


Thomas Armstrong, Ph.D. Executive Director

American Institute for Learning and Human Development

Author of The Power of the Adolescent Brain:

Strategies for Teaching Middle and High School Students

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