kindergarten-classThe election of Donald Trump as president-elect of the United States yesterday sends a number of strong messages to America’s children. Here are 12 things they learned today:

  1. You can win if you bully people around;
  2. You can make fun of people with disabilities;
  3. Building walls against people is better than taking them down;
  4. Learning how to beat the system is a clever thing to do;
  5. Scientists don’t know what they’re talking about concerning climate change;
  6. People who are different from you can be dangerous;
  7. Shaking things up internationally is a good thing even if it leads to nuclear war;
  8. Rich people deserve bigger tax breaks than poor people;
  9. Women who climb too high politically will be cut down to size;
  10. It really doesn’t matter what you think as long as you can shout it loudly enough and get it spread around on a lot of social media sites;
  11. Reality television is indistinguishable from real life;
  12. Being obnoxious, loud, arrogant, and brash are good things because they get people to notice you.
  13. Lying to people is a good way to get what you want.
  14. Threatening your political rival is acceptable in America.

Do we really want our children to learn these things?

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