Today I’m beginning a new category for my blog entitled Trump Watch.  It will consist of blog posts specifically related to Donald Trump and how his pronouncements and policies affect learning and human development, especially as it relates to our children.

In a Tweet Thursday, Trump said that the U.S should greatly expand its nuclear capability.  This may have been a response to a Vladimir Putin speech to Russian military leadership that Russia should increase its nuclear missile strength.  Clearly, both leaders are engaged in a risky game of tit-for-tat that could escalate both arsenals and tensions between the two countries, and endanger the existence of everyone on the planet.  In an earlier post, I had noted that the primary reason for not voting for Trump in the recent presidential election was that his erratic personality could increase the chance of an accidental or purposeful nuclear war, thus extinguishing our children’s chances to grow up and experience the opportunities in life that it is their birthright to have.  Thus, Trump’s statement today clearly endangers our children’s lives.  There can be no rational benefit to expanding our nuclear arsenal, since we already have enough warheads to put an end to virtually all life on earth (cockroaches and bacteria excepted).  Thus, before he has even become our nation’s leader he has demonstrated an extreme level of irresponsibility to our nation’s (and the world’s) children.

In future Trump Watch blog posts, I’ll be looking at Trump’s education policies, and other aspects of his administration in terms of how it could affect our children’s learning and development, as well as the realization of human potential in each of us.

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