What Others Have Said About Dr. Armstrong’s Keynotes and Workshops

‘People are still raving about your wonderful presentation.  There has not been a day yet where we do not hear a conversation in the halls, conference rooms, bathrooms, or cafeteria about multiple intelligences.  We have been thanked daily for bringing you to Sesame Street.

  • Dr. Valeria O. Lovelace, Assistant Vice President, Sesame Street Research, Children’s Television Workshop

‘Thanks so much for your fabulous presentation. I knew your material would totally rock our world, but you hit the ball out of the park first thing in the morning which helped make for a terrific conference. It was clear you had taken the trouble to get to know who we were and your presentation was funny, insightful and full of useful information for our work. All of which was appreciated and you were the talk of the conference. Many of us also have neurodiversity challenges and I personally felt enormously affirmed to have so many additional intelligences thrown my way.”

– Amanda Kovattana, Conference Program Chair, Institute for Challenging Disorganization Conference, Denver, Colorado.

”Your presentation was a great success!  We received many positive comments from individual teachers.  A couple veteran teachers said:  ”that’s the best inservice we’ve had in this district EVER!””

– Keller McDonald, Superintendent, West Sonoma County Union High School District, California

”His presentation was packed full of practical, research-based and thoughtfully pulled together information that was inspirational to participants and began the process of change among the special educators and school administrators in the room.”

– Jennifer Bashant – Tinsley Institute, Albany, N.Y

“You were a stunning beginning to our conference. . . Speaking, interacting, teaching, you gave the conference a deeper dimension, one that we all needed.  Already a trainer has worked up a lesson on teaching the catenary principle using multiple intelligences.  Even I, who pride myself in being able to bring the wonders of theory down into pedagogy, found your lessons helpful, practical, and awesome.”

– Joyce Armstrong Carroll Ed.D. – Co-director, New Jersey Writing Project in Texas.

“You are one of the smartest speakers I have ever seen. Your life force radiates. Your program last night was an inspiration.”

– Adrian Lenz – Manhattan Beach, CA

“[Your sessions] were very successful, and one participant from Ballerup even said that your session was the best day in her long life as a teacher!  That´s something!”

– Peter Andersen,  Copenhagen, Denmark

“Thank you for that inspiring beautiful presentation – it hit me right where my soul breathes if that makes any sense !  I am looking at my children differently and also seeing things more “out of the box”  — it is amazing how a well placed word or new perspective can change a life.”

– Christina Duer, New York City

“Thank you again for such a wonderful presentation. You were brilliant – eloquent, funny, and obviously passionate about your work! My parents are still a buzz about the evening.”

– Rachel Bishop,  Novato, California

“Just returned from the Early Intervention Conference.  Not only were you entertaining and interesting but the information was completely functional for me as a parent and speech pathologist.”

– Melanie Pollard, Hattiesburg, Mississippi

“The evaluations that we received on your presentation were nothing short of outstanding.  We had a 75% return for evaluations which is unheard of and all of them were glowing.  Many comments around how the audience could have stayed beyond the allotted time, very practical strategies, GREAT SPEAKER -great sense of humour.  I could go on.  You certainly connected with the audience.”

– Denise Emery, Chatham, Ontario, Canada

“I just wanted to thank you so much for your outstanding sessions for our teachers yesterday!
You were a shining star!  It is difficult to reach the hearts and minds of such a diverse population from K-12 and from 28 very diverse school districts…you hit the mark!!!”

– Kathy Perez, Moraga, California


What Others Have Said About Dr. Armstrong’s Books

“Thomas Armstrong asks us all to observe carefully, discern areas of strength, and help children to realize all of their potentials. He has written a positive and wholly constructive work.”  (In Their Own Way)

–  Howard Gardner , Harvard School of Education

“Not just Armstrong’s best work, but probably the most informative, authoritative, helpful book on children and education available today.” (Awakening Your Child’s Natural Genius)

– Joseph Chilton Pearce, author of Magical Child

“Thomas Armstrong’s book is a rich dish of ideas for exploring those other ways of becoming more intelligent–ways that are so often neglected in our culture.  Every reader should dip in with gusto.”  (7 Kinds of Smart)

–  Betty Edwards, author of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

“Supportive, encouraging, varied and wise, this book will do more good than a medicine chest full of inappropriate prescriptions.”  (The Myth of the A.D.D. Child)

– Shari Lewis, puppeteer and entertainer

“This is truly a major contribution–brilliant, beguiling, and as broad in concept as it is deep.”  (The Human Odyssey)

– Jean Houston, author of The Possible Human and A Mythic Life

“Parents, teachers, and policymakers should all read this thought provoking book.  I loved it.” (The Power of Neurodiversity)

– Temple Grandin, author of Thinking in Pictures

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