7 Kinds of Smart: Identifying and Developing Your Multiple Intelligences, Revised and Updated

7 Kinds of Smart: Identifying and Developing Your Multiple Intelligences, Revised and Updated

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Based on psychologist Howard Gardner's pioneering theory of "multiple intelligences," the original edition of 7 Kinds of Smart identified seven distinct ways of being smart, including "word smart," "music smart," "logic smart," and "people smart." Now, with the addition of two new kinds of smart--"naturalist" and "existential"--7 Kinds of Smart offers even more interesting information about how the human psyche functions. Complete with checklists for determining one's strongest and weakest intelligences, exercises, practical tips for developing each type of smart, a revised bibliography for further reading, and a guide to related Internet sites, this book continues to be an essential resource, offering cutting-edge research for general consumption.

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About the Book

7 Kinds of Smart will transform your thinking about what it means to be smart.  Revised and updated to include information on two new kinds of smart, this extraordinary book reveals the many different ways of being smart, and how they can be applied to your everyday life.

  • Word Smart – Expressing your verbal intelligence
  • Picture Smart – Thinking with your mind’s eye
  • Music Smart – Making the most of your melodic mind
  • Body Smart – Using your kinesthetic intelligence
  • Logic Smart – Calculating your mathematical and scientific abilities
  • People Smart – Connecting with your social sense
  • Self Smart – Developing your intrapersonal intellect
  • Nature Smart – Identifying with the natural world
  • Existence Smart – Locating yourself with respect to the ultimate questions of life

7 Kinds of Smart includes:

  • Checklists to determine your strongest–and less developed–intelligences
  • Self-tests to hep match your intelligences to career goals
  • Techniques and tools for developing your unique capabilities
  • Strategies for overcoming learning difficulties
  • Revised and updated resource guide to books, organizations, and websites
  • Expanded software and games section

7 Kinds of Smart will expand your conception of what it means to be intelligent.  If your car breaks down on the highway, who do you want to have on hand, a person with an IQ of 160 or someone who is ”machine smart?”  If you get lost in the woods, who do you want to help you, a nuclear physicist, or someone with ”nature smart?”  If you have a conflict at work with your boss, or at home with your significant other, who do you want there helping you, Albert Einstein, or someone with ”people smart?”  Howard Gardner says that intelligence is the ability to solve problems and/or fashion culturally accepted products.  There are all sorts of different problems in addition to math problems or word problems.  There are visual-spatial problems (how to use perspective in a drawing), musical problems (how to memorize a new song you’re learning), people-related problems (how to cope with an angry colleague), self-smart problems (how to modulate stress at home or work).  This book not only provides a lot of practical tools to help you ”get smarter” but it will hopefully expand your ideas of what is possible as a human being.

Read a short summary of the theory of multiple intelligences.

Read Dr. Armstrong’s blog posts on multiple intelligences.

Watch Dr. Armstrong’s videos on multiple intelligences

Fill out a checklist/inventory to find out about your multiple intelligences.

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''A book that helps people to discover and unleash their own intellectual strengths.'' - Howard Gardner, Ph.D., author of ''Frames of Mind''
''Armstrong's book is a rich dish of ideas for exploring those other ways of becoming more intelligent . . . ways that are so often neglected in our culture. Every reader should dip in with gusto.'' - Betty Edwards, author of ''Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain''
''7 Kinds of Smart makes a major contribution to our understanding of teh wide scope of intelligence. I'm going to tell my friends and clients to run, not walk, to the bookstore to get this book.'' - Muriel James, co-author of ''Born to Win,'' and ''Passion for Life''
– Muriel James
''Armstrong issues us a lifetime pass for honoring the intelligence we possess, and he also offers advice on how to add breadth and richness to experience. So long to boredom and living in ruts.'' - Robert Samples, author of ''The Metaphoric Mind''
– Robert Samples
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