What if childhood disappeared? Poof! Gone in a flash!

Dr. Harvey Sumner has a dirty little secret. Although he’s a world renowned child psychologist with honors galore and the scion of a long line of child healers, he’s childless and hasn’t worked professionally with a single child for over thirty years.

The tension between his fame and the reality of his life finally reaches a breaking point when he’s kidnapped by the U.S. government and held in a bunker twelve floors below the National Institutes of Health. Here he learns of a covert government project to declare childhood as a medical disorder and eliminate it from the human genome in America.

Will Harvey manage to escape from his underground prison and save the country’s children and childhood itself? Or will America become a childless nation?

Read the novel and find out!

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About the Book

I’m happy to announce my 20th book and it’s a novel!  It’s called Childless.  I’ve been working on this novel for the past twenty years.  It tells a gripping tale about a childless child psychologist who gets kidnapped by the U.S. government and learns of a plot by the Institutes of Health to declare childhood as a medical disorder and then to eliminate it from the human genome!

I wrote this novel because I found nonfiction inadequate to express the outrage that I feel about what is being done to children in our culture.  Children are being exploited, abused, labeled, pressured, neglected, and traumatized, and most of this is going on below the level of public discourse. I’ve written Childless as a darkly comedic and satirical tale to raise awareness in readers about the danger that the disappearance of childhood represents to society. At heart what is at stake is the very survival of the creative spirit within all of us.

Key Themes in Childless:

In the book, genetic engineering is a key plot point in the novel, and in particular, the resurrection of what are called human endogenous retroviruses (HERVs) by both the heroes and the villains.  If you’re interested in what human endogenous retroviruses are and how they can be resurrected from the human genome, here is a video where you can learn about how I integrated HERVs into the book:

If you’d like to gain some background on what these HERVs are and how they might be resurrected from the human genome, here are two online technical scientific articles you can read:

I also use the concept of neoteny (Latin for ”holding youth”) as a major theme in the novel.  For more information about the importance of neoteny and how it’s used in Childless, read my blog post here

I’ve written two nonfiction books on neurodiversity, The Power of Neurodiversity, and Neurodiversity in the Classroom.  In this novel, I incorporate several neurodivergent characters into the plotline, including a geneticist with schizophrenia, a child with progeria, a young woman with Williams syndrome, and a young man with Aspergers.  As the narrative proceeds, they use their strengths to confront challenges they encounter.

In addition, I’ve created several other videos that feature Childless in one way or another.



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‘’I just finished Childless and thoroughly enjoyed it . . . My biggest surprise in reading it is that I had not expected it to be a work of satire that frequently uses humor and crazy farce-like situations as it plunges us into a nightmare world where childlike wonder and creativity are about to be replaced by analytics (and golf) . . . , you have written an entertaining and thought-provoking story.’’ -- Jeff Beamish, veteran journalist and author of Sneaker Wave and the forthcoming No, You’re Crazy: A Novel
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