“I’m not sitting there watching Twitter. I’m not on Facebook. If you’re speaking to me through Facebook or Twitter, I’m not listening. So let’s start there.

”I’m a fairly disconnected person who operates in a kind of old-fashioned way and I do that deliberately because drinking from this digital fire hose is too much for me.

I’m just not interested in hearing what everyone is saying about each other or for that matter, about me.

If you write me a paper letter, I’ll answer it. Other than that, I’m trying to slow down and get across that it’s all the stuff that is old and slow that you cannot download— that’s the stuff that matters most.”

— From “How to Thrive in Today’s Fast-Changing World,”  an interview with Thomas Friedman, age 63, NY Times Journalist and author of Thank You for Being Late.  Full interview here.

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