attention deficit disorder
A new study reported in The Journal of Pediatrics, reports that exercise may benefit children with ADHD.  In this study, kids with ADHD were matched with a same-age, same-socio-economic status group of “normal” children.  The groups engaged in two experimental conditions:  one day then engaged in 20 minutes of quiet reading, and the next day...
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For almost two decades now, I’ve been criticizing the diagnosis of ADHD and the use of Ritalin and other psychostimulants with children (see, for example, my book The Myth of the ADD Child).  Now, a new report in The New York Times today, says that physicians are starting to prescribe these drugs to poor children...
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Scientists in the United Kingdom have demonstrated the effectiveness of a new computer game (called Play Attention) that helps children with ADHD control their impulsivity.   The child wears a device that looks very much like a bike helmet (see illustration), which picks up the child’s brain waves using electroencephalography (EEG).  As long as the child is producing...
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