With the advent of the global pandemic from the coronavirus, many schools have been shut across the United States and elsewhere in the world, leaving countless parents with the unanticipated task of teaching their kids at home.  In many cases, your schools will assign work to complete during this hiatus.  But if they don’t, or...
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Homework is considered to be part of the natural order of things in school.  But in the past twenty years or so there’s been an increasing amount of criticism about its function and use (see for example, Alfie Kohn’s The Homework Myth: Why Our Kids Get Too Much of a Bad Thing).  I too believe...
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Recently I was doing a workshop on multiple intelligences for a group of teachers, and I started talking excitedly about the educator John Holt, who leaped to fame in the 1960’s with the publication of his best-selling book How Children Fail, and who later became one of the founders of the homeschooling movement in the...
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