Yesterday, I wrote a blog post giving 17 reasons why I believe ADHD is not a legitimate medical disorder.  Today, I’ve converted the script into a video with a narrative track and a series of images to drive home what I am saying.  I hope that it will spark some meaningful dialogue. For more information...
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With the growth of mindfulness in classrooms around the country and the world, a number of misconceptions have arisen about mindful practices which deserve to be clarified. The Myth:  “Mindfulness is just another form of mind control over our children.” The Reality:  Mindfulness actually helps children gain control of their own minds so that they’re...
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I’ve got a new post on the Penguin Random House reading site ”Brightly” that shares a number of tips for parents to get their kids ready for the academic school year.  Some of the tips include:  talking about goals, fears, hopes for the coming school year, watching movies on school themes as a jumping off...
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