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I’ve just written an article for Education Week Teacher, the online teacher-based arm of the education weekly Education Week.  It presents 10 practical strategies that teachers can use to help ensure that kids with an ADHD diagnosis have a smooth transition at the beginning of the school year. It incorporates strategies from my new book...
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When I was a special education teacher, most of my students had difficulty with academic tasks involving either words or numbers (or both).  However, many of these kids were gifted artists, cartoonists, Lego experts, mechanics, visualizers, and in other ways demonstrated competence in visual-spatial thinking.  Now, an exciting new article by a Duke researcher makes...
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A new study at Michigan State suggests that there is limited vocabulary instruction in kindergarten classes across the U.S., particularly for those students living at the poverty level.  The is problematic because numerous studies have noted how building a good vocabulary right from start of schooling is directly related to later academic achievement and to success in a...
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