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I am the author of 16 books including my latest: The Myth of the ADHD Child: 101 Ways to Improve Your Child's Behavior and Attention Span Without Drugs, Labels, or Coercion (Tarcher-Perigee). http://amzn.to/2ewwfbp.
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  1. Janet Purcell

    My teacher friends and I often use the phrase “multiple paths in, multiple paths out”. In other words, a really well-designed assignment (or invitation, as we call it), will have several ways for the students to acquire the essential information needed to participate in the activity, and (maybe more importantly) we can see several possible ways students could express what they’ve learned. We’re definitely done with teaching to some hypothetical “middle”, which I don’t think ever really existed, and now concentrating on these much more inclusive, and frankly, more exciting, learning opportunities.

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