For several years I used to fly to the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Qatar) to lead seminars for adult learners on the topics of multiple intelligences and the road to genius.  On one of my last trips, I did a series of over 50 short videos (1-3 minutes) covering different aspects of those topics.  I’ve noticed from the Analytics section on You Tube that in the longer Power Point videos  (e.g. 30-35 minutes) viewership drops off rather dramatically after 2-5 minutes.  This doesn’t surprise me given our living in a short attention span culture (one of the issues I raise in my book The Myth of the ADHD Child).  So, these videos seem tailor-made to our fast-paced society.  In this video, I speak about one of Howard Gardner’s eight (or nine) multiple intelligences — bodily-kinesthetic intelligence– which I call Body Smart).

For more information about multiple intelligences, get my practical guides to MI theory for adult learners (7 Kinds of Smart), educators who teach children from kindergarten through high school (Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom, 4th edition), and parents (In Their Own Way).    Follow me on Twitter:  @Dr_ArmstrongSign up for my blog.

Cover of book 7 Kinds of SmartBook cover of Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom, 4th edition by Thomas Armstrong

Cover of book In Their Own Way: Discovering and Encouraging Your Child's Multiple Intelligences

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