In this video — part of my series of short videos on Dr. Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences – I focus on interpersonal intelligence, or what I call People Smart.  It’s one of the most important of the eight intelligences, and yet it is not part of the standard curriculum in our schools.  With so much turbulence in the world — wars, political polarization, and more — you’d think that educators would construct learning programs and environments where kids could learn to get along with their peers, learn to peaceful resolve conflicts, and in other ways create a team spirit or a pleasant social climate in the schools.  Gardner’s elevating this intelligence to the status of a real intelligence (equal to, and in my opinion, superior to IQ intelligence) means that we can really begin to serve as ardent advocates of teaching the art of getting along.

For more information about multiple intelligences, get my practical guides to MI theory for adult learners (7 Kinds of Smart), educators who teach children from kindergarten through high school (Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom, 4th edition), and parents (In Their Own Way).    Follow me on Twitter:  @Dr_Armstrong.  Sign up for my blog.

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