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Chalk up another strength for people who have been diagnosed with dyslexia.  A spokesperson for the U.K.’s top-secret electronic eavesdropping program reported that some of their most talented code-breakers are dyslexic. I was just alerted to this fascinating news item from Drs. Fernette and Brock Eide at their terrific web site Dyslexic Advantage. The piece...
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We’re headed for a sea change when it comes to neurological disabilities in the workplace.  Up until now, the model most often used has been deficit-oriented:  people with neurological disabilities lack normal functioning; they need extra help in order to become effective employees.  However, a new paradigm is emerging that turns this model on its head.  Now...
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A software company in Denmark has created a positive reputation in the industry by hiring people with autistic spectrum disorders because of their special skills.  Seventy-five  percent of the workers at Specialisterne have autism and related conditions.  They specialize in testing computer software and spotting “bugs” that software developers might have missed.  It turns out that their excellent...
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