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In this week’s online edition of Education Week I’ve contributed a post on metacognition and its importance for adolescent learning.  There are several other posts on metacognition as well on Ed. Week’s blog ”Classroom Q & A with Larry Ferlazzo.  Here’s my contribution:                        ...
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Catch my interview with educator and best-selling author Rae Pica, and middle school teacher Heather Wolpert-Gawron, on BAM! Radio’s show ”Studentcentricity.”’ ”Every middle school teacher knows that teaching adolescents is one of the most confounding aspects of teaching. Our guests join us to offer a helpful framework.” Here’s the link For more information about the adolescent mind,...
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I’m seriously concerned that the schools aren’t doing enough (change that:  aren’t doing anything!) to prepare students on the autism spectrum for a range of careers that are beginning to open up for them in the workplace.  So much of recent educational ”reform” has been about preparing our students to be college and career-ready.  If this...
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