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I am the author of 16 books including my latest: The Myth of the ADHD Child: 101 Ways to Improve Your Child's Behavior and Attention Span Without Drugs, Labels, or Coercion (Tarcher-Perigee). http://amzn.to/2ewwfbp.
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  1. Jill Yamashita

    Awesome article that inspires hope in one parent of a young adult with this life challenge and who is trying to find his place in the world.

  2. Julie

    Thank ypu for this thought provoking article. As a parent to a teen with autism who has unique splinter skills, how does one find a “strengths specialist” educator to begin this process?

  3. Hi Thomas Armstrong,

    This is really a great article and the information on it is also amazing.These new development in the field of study is really helpful to those children or person with autism, this is a good way to help them. With these development a lot of autistic children will be helped and will find hope to be in the industry just like normal people.

    This is really a great article, I’ll be sharing this great information.


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