Millions of children are practicing mindfulness all over the world, and while it’s a very simple process of training the mind to be always in the present moment, without judgement, there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye.  It can be useful if a parent or teacher has some creative ways to explain...
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More and more these days, teachers are engaging students in mindfulness practices, which research suggests helps develop executive functioning, self-regulation skills, and social and emotional learning in students.  But how to get started?  Here are a few tips: Begin your own personal mindfulness practice before you share it with students.  Setting aside even 5 or 10...
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Today is the official publication date for my new book Mindfulness in the Classroom: Strategies for Promoting Concentration, Compassion, and Calm.  I have been practicing mindfulness for almost thirty years, and with the rise in the need for social and emotional learning in the schools, I thought that a book for educators on this topic...
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