stages of life
A map of the human life cycle that is associated with the Islamic middle ages and a philosopher/scientist named Al Biruni (973-1048 C.E.) is called Firdaria.  It is a system of astrology based upon specific planets that influence our lives at different stages of life.  The Sun rules the first 10 years of life (ages...
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The ancient astrologer/astronomer Ptolemy (83-161 C.E.),whose ideas of the structure of the universe (based upon spheres), dominated western civilization until Copernicus and Kepler in the 16th-17th centuries, associated different planets of the solar system with particular stages of life: Moon:  Infancy – 0-4 years old Mercury: Childhood – 4-14 years old Venus:  Adolescence – 14-22...
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The word “alignment” has many meanings:  there’s wheel alignment, body alignment, road alignment, and many other kinds of alignment.  But when the word is used in the field of education, that should be a red flag to educators and parents.  Beware!  Usually the word is used in reference to the curriculum at different age and grade levels. ...
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