Picture of a VirusWe’re all focused on the COVID-19 virus right now, but an even greater threat to our nation and our world is the Trumpona Virus (TRUVID-20).  Viruses don’t have the ability to replicate themselves, so what they do is insinuate themselves into a cell body and deceptively and parasitically co-opt the mechanisms and materials of that cell to turn out more copies of itself.  This is exactly what  TRUVID-20 has done.  It has insinuated itself into the body politic over the past three and-a-half  years, and has been tapping into the deep levels of hate, fear, and ignorance that have festered underneath this country like a chronic sore for as long as it’s been a nation.

Like all viruses, this virus lacks an inner core–a soul if you will–and thus must exploit human bodies to fulfill itself wherever it goes.  This is a virus that is built upon a rotten foundation of chronic lies–it needs to lie, otherwise the cell body would never allow it to penetrate its membrane.  Its lies are insidious.  They presume to speak of ”our heritage” and ”liberty” and ”civil rights” when in fact they actually speak of the right to espouse beliefs like white power, the right to possess deadly assault armaments, and the right to assault peaceful protesters in the streets.

It almost goes without saying that this virus is very, VERY, dangerous.  Already it has, through deception and misinformation, caused the deaths of at least 133,000 human beings through its enabling of another virus:  COVID-19, and very likely caused more individual fatalities where deaths were not properly identified, as well as those who did not receive medical attention because the hospitals were clogged with COVID patients.

The TRUVID-20 virus also threatens the lives of hundreds of millions of people around the world through its deceptive misinformation campaign about the effects of climate change.  And keep this mind if you remember nothing else, this virus is only a toddler’s-trantrum away from an all-out nuclear exchange that would extinguish all human life on the planet.

Some people have claimed that this virus is not a virus at all, but an American politician.  Do not be deceived.  This is a deadly virus that requires all of our vigilance in order to eradicate it from the body politic.  Politicians who get too close to this virus are themselves infected with the virus and fail to see its lethal effect on them.

If we fail to recognize the immanent threat that this virus poses to our country and to the world, it will continue to seek to replicate itself and its hateful divisive ideas in all branches of government, in growing numbers of unwary citizens, and in a cadre of similar Master Viruses in other countries around the world including Russia, North Korea, Brazil, the Philippines, and Turkey.  We have a chance to stop this virus on November 3, 2020, but make no mistake about it, this virus will stop at nothing to deceive, lie, cheat, rant, dissemble, and threaten its way into maintaining the grip it has on the host cell — America the Beautiful.  Be warned and take action!

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