Childless by Thomas ArmstrongI just produced this fifteen minute video/slide presentation which discusses my book Childless (about a childless child psychologist who tries to foil a U.S. government plot to remove childhood from the human genome) and how its darkly comedic satire is intended in part to raise awareness about how the institution of childhood is under attack in American culture due to children’s exposure to adult media, their being expected to do academic tasks they’re not developmentally ready for, their vulnerability to poverty, hunger, homelessness, and abduction, the lack of support in Congress for significant child care initiatives, the decreasing age of puberty, and many other factors.  I hope you enjoy the video!  And after you watch it, make sure to order your copy of Childless and tell your friends about it!.

To watch the video, click here.

To read a printed version of this video, click here.

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I’m the author of 20 books including my latest, a novel called Childless, which you can order from Amazon.

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