I’ll be presenting at the upcoming 29th Annual MicroSociety Conference on July 12, 2022. MicroSociety is an innovative educational program developed by artist/educator extraordinaire George Richmond in the 1960’s where students re-create the institutions of society within their own school environment, including having their own economic system with banks, their own judicial system with student-created laws, their own corporate enterprises (businesses that they create and make money from), as well as nonprofit organizations, learning organizations, and other mirrors of the culture around them.  They spend part of the day building and operating these mini-societies and part of the day engaged in standard (although innovative) academic learning.

I’ll be talking about the genius within every student and how the MicroSociety model can tap the innate curiosity, imagination, inventiveness, and creativity of kids to stay abreast of the fast-moving currents in today’s (and tomorrow’s) continually evolving world.  To get a feeling for the content, read my books Awakening Genius in the Classroom, and If Einstein Ran the Schools.

To see a video of me introducing myself to the conference, click here.  To register for the conference, click here.

I hope to see you there!

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