Book cover of Thomas Armstrong novel entitled Childless (empty baby carriage on the front)I’m making a series of short videos to publicize my new novel entitled Childless. The book is about a childless child psychologist who tries to foil a U.S. government plot to declare childhood as a medical disorder and remove it from the human genome. In this video I examine how I used genetic engineering and human endogenous retroviruses to move my story forward.  While my take on this is largely speculative (it is a novel, after all), there is some good science to back up a lot of what I’m talking about in the novel.  To get some background information to supplement the video, here are a few links:

Demystified . . . Human endogenous retroviruses

How to Resurrect an Extinct Retrovirus

Resurrection of human endogenous retroviruses during aging reinforces senescence

Here’s You Tube video (length 7 minutes and fifteen seconds).  To order the novel, click here.

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I’m the author of 20 books including my latest, a novel called Childless, which you can order from Amazon.

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