I’m going to be recording You Tube videos where I discuss different aspects of my new novel, Childless.  In this video I just give some of the basics of the plot.  In future videos I’ll explore the genetic sub-plot of the story (based on human endogenous retroviruses), the neurodiverse characters that play a major role in the novel (including individuals with Aspergers, progeria, dwarfism, Williams syndrome, and schizophrenia), and other interesting aspects of the book.  Here’s the link for today’s video:

If you’re interested in watching the other six videos in this series click on the links below:

  1. My Novel ”Childless: ”The Use of Human Endogenous Retroviruses as a Key Plot Element .
  2. Video: Childless and the Use of Neoteny as a Plot Device
  3. Video #4: My Novel Childless and Its Neurodiverse Characters
  4. The Disappearance of Childhood: 15 Indicators of Childhood’s Demise in America
  5. The Journey to Publishing My First Novel at Age 72
  6. 12 Tips for Writing Your First Novel
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